Nebraska Hot Board – Who Might Replace Scott Frost?

A Look at the Nebraska coaching search
Scott Frost didn’t make it to game 4 of the 2022 season before being fired by Nebraska.

*updated 9/27/22

In December 2017, Scott Frost left UCF after an undefeated season and accepted the head coaching position at his alma mater, Nebraska. This was a slam dunk hire. A perfect fit. An A+ on everyone’s coaching hire grades.

Frost at Nebraska never took off. It started with a disappointing 4-8 in 2018 and never improved. After last season, and 4 years leading the Cornhuskers, his record was a miserable 15-29. In reality, anyone else would’ve been fired. Frost was given another year, but agreed to a restructured contract that included a lower salary and buyout.

As part of the restructured contract, Frost’s buyout dropped from $15 million to $7.5 million on October 1st. Nebraska’s season was in such a tailspin that Athletic Director, Trev Alberts, didn’t wait for the October 1st buyout decrease and fired Frost on September 11th.

Bruce Feldman reported a few issues that lead to the downfall of Frost at Nebraska.

We believe Nebraska is ready to spend top dollar for its next head coach. And we’ve heard Nebraska will prioritize coaches with Power 5 head coaching experience.

The names we hear for Nebraska coaching candidates.


Matt Campbell – Iowa State

Why it won’t happen:
Campbell has reportedly passed on bigger opportunities, including NFL jobs. Nebraska is a mess that Campbell doesn’t want to clean up and remains at Iowa State.

Why it will happen:
Campbell realizes his options are dwindling each season and takes a job in a more secure, resource-rich conference.

Lance Leipold – Kansas
Why it won’t happen:
There is some excitement in Lawrence, Kansas, that hasn’t been seen since, well… basketball season. This is only year 2 for Leipold at Kansas and he may see this project as unfinished business.

There’s buzz that some boosters in Wisconsin are ready to move on from Paul Chryst. If this job opens, Wisconsin could become Leipold’s preferred destination.

Why it will happen:
Leipold is a perfect fit for Nebraska’s needs and would likely receive a significant pay raise over the approximate 3 million dollar salary he has at Kansas. Word is Leipold wouldn’t pass on the Nebraska job if offered.

Dave Aranda – Baylor
Why it won’t happen:
Aranda has reportedly turned down LSU and USC. And he rejects Nebraska, too.

Nebraska is not satisfied with Aranda’s lack of experience as head coach and questions how much of his success his tied to previous Baylor coach, Matt Rhule’s recruiting.

Why it will happen:
Aranda is spooked by the lack of conference stability outside of the Big Ten and SEC and decides to jump at an opportunity in a more stable and wealthy conference.

Bill O’Brien – Alabama OC
Why it won’t happen:
Rumors are O’Brien wants to return to the NFL.

Why it will happen:
Trev Alberts could use someone that has fixed a mess, which O’Brien did at Penn State. The Nebraska job ends up being O’Brien’s best option as head coach.

Mickey Joseph – Nebraska interim head coach
Why it won’t happen:
Barring a miraculous turnaround for Nebraska under Joseph’s leadership, there are others higher on the list that won’t turn down Nebraska’s offer.

Why it will happen:
Joseph pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets this team to a bowl game. And Nebraska is turned down by others at the top of the list.

Some smoke

Dave Doeren – NC State
Doeren is rumored to be looking for other jobs. His style seems like a great fit for Nebraska and the Big Ten.

Matt Rhule – Carolina Panthers
NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport, reports that Carolina ownership will be patient with Rhule. We believe Rhule will ultimately be let go by the Panthers, but college teams may have already headed in a different direction.

Jim Leonhard – Wisconsin DC
He’ll be a head coach soon. Wisconsin might move on from current coach, Paul Chryst to elevate Leonhard to head coach before he goes elsewhere. His lack of head coaching experiences makes a move to Nebraska unlikely.

Urban Meyer – Free Agent
Initially, Dan Patrick shared an update from his source that Meyer to Nebraska is a legitimate possibility.

Word since is that Meyer will remain at Fox and not return to coaching. Still, we believe that some team, likely in the Big Ten or SEC, will make Meyer an offer he can’t refuse.

And there’s this from the Nebraska Athletic Department.

Mark Stoops – Kentucky
It’s been said that Stoops is growing tired of coaching football at a basketball crazed university. Maybe Nebraska has a shot if Stoops likes his chances better against Michigan and Ohio State than Georgia and Alabama.


Chris Klieman – Kansas State
His style of football and personality seem to be a good fit for Nebraska. There’s not much smoke here.

Jeff Lebby – Oklahoma OC
We’ve heard this one a few times as well. We don’t anticipate Trev Alberts taking a hard look at someone without head coaching experience.


Lance Leipold. Aranda and Stoops turn down Nebraska and receive pay raises at their respective schools. After both Nebraska and Leipold consider other options, they both realize they are perfect for each other.

Darkhorse – Matt Rhule

*updated 9/27/22.
We will continuously update this article as we hear new names or eliminate coaches as a possibility.

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