College Basketball Hot Seat

Who will the next coach fired?

Another year on the college basketball hot seat report. Time is running out for Georgetown's Patrick Ewing.

March Madness is near. Which means it’s time dreams come true for some and the end of employment for some head coaches. There will be some firings that all saw coming and some that will be a complete surprise. We take a look at both the obvious and the potential shockers in this 2022-2023 College Basketball Hot Seat report.

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Patrick Ewing, Georgetown
Georgetown has given him a longer leash than most because of his alumni status. Things are getting worse. Zero conference wins last season and it doesn’t look like they get many this season.

Jerod Haase, Stanford
Haase has been on the college basketball hot seat list before. Will this be the year it ends? He’s been above .500 in conference once since taking over the Cardinal in 2016. His best chance to retain his job is the Stanford administration not caring about basketball.

Mark Fox, California
When Cal hired Fox, they were hoping for more of the Nevada version of Fox (123-43) than the Georgia version (163-133). They’ve gotten neither. Fox at California produced a record of 35-58 and likely has his worst squad this season.


Fred Hoiberg, Nebraska
This hire has been a disaster. A tough place to win, sure, but their previous coach, Tim Miles, had Nebraska hovering around respectable. Now, bottom of the conference.

Mike Hopkins, Washington
A decent 17-15 record in 2021-22 may have bought Hopkins some additional time. Washington is looking at a a 4th straight season without an NCAA tourney appearance.


Bobby Hurley, Arizona State
The Bobby Hurley era at ASU has been a disappointment. Hurley’s current squad has shown improvement, but will it be enough.

Fran McCaffery, Iowa
You know what you are going to get with McCaffery at Iowa — a competitive team that may play a game or two in the NCAA tournament. Does the Iowa administration and boosters desire more? The handling of their football program suggests they prioritize continuity overall all else.

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