2022 Big 12 Basketball Coach Rankings

This is a well coached league with a mix of high end veterans and up-and-comers.

Rankings are based on who an Athletic Director would most want to hire if they had an opening this year, and not based on lifetime achievements.

Our 2022-23 Big 12 Basketball Coach rankings.

10. Jerome Tang – Kansas State
Tang left his Baylor assistant job to take over Kansas State. The Wildcats are hoping some Baylor success follows Tang to KSU.

9. Mike Boynton, Jr. – Oklahoma State
Boynton has lead Oklahoma State since 2017 and has finished higher than 5th in the conference.

8. Jamie Dixon – TCU
For reasons unknown to us, Dixon often gets overlooked. You could do much worse than Dixon.

7. Bob Huggins – West Virginia
A legendary coach with his star starting to fade.

6. Mark Adams – Texas Tech
A great coach that will have to live under Chris Beard’s shadow for another season of two. We’ll really learn about Adams in year 3 and 4.

5. Porter Moser – Oklahoma
We are only two years removed from Moser’s dream tournament run at Loyola-Chicago.

4. T.J Otzelberger – Iowa State
Otzelberger at #4 is a great example of why there is the disclaimer at the beginning of this article. If ranking coaches by who Athletic Directors would desire at their school, Otzelberger got a lot of attention with what he did in year one for the Cyclones.

3. Chris Beard – Texas
Beard performed magic at Texas Tech. The Longhorns hope with their resources he can be David Copperfield.

2. Scott Drew – Baylor
Drew is a top 10 coach in the country. The only reason he’s not number one is because he coaches in the same league as Bill Self.

1. Bill Self – Kansas
The undisputed patriarch of the conference.

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